Friday, August 24, 2007

Sock Puppet

One of my most favorite blogs to read is house wren studio. If you have never visited Charlotte Lyons blog, please take a moment to amble over. You can read all about her sock kitty. It made me laugh because I thought of the sock puppet I made for my son when he was three. I am almost embarrassed to post the picture, since the puppet is so, well, sock like. Snobbish sounding as it is, I am a bit more creative. But, it is the first thing I ever made with my son and he picked out the buttons. (Yes, there are three.) I sewed them on, but that was as far as he wanted to go. He had me play talking with it for days, then he started play talking with it. After all these years, we still keep it on display. He doesn't want to send it into the "toy archives". I think tonight I will have sock puppet give my son a kiss good night.

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charlotte said...

aw, i love that...story and puppet, too. so sweet- and thanks for the kind mention. xoC ;)