Friday, April 11, 2008

Flea Market Friday Report

Just a few pictures from my trip to the flea market this morning. I bought this big mason jar to hold some of the buttons I sorted after the button collection post. The potato chip tin is that great jadeite green color that goes so well in country decorating. My kitchen is red, but I think this tin will look nice in the mix. And I can never have too many little bowls, especially the drabware color like this one.
Some great crocheted hangers, baby rick rack, black lace, black gloves and bingo cards. The gloves are so very 50's with their little buttons. These are amber colored glass rods and beads. I think they were once part of a chandelier since they all have a diamond type prism at the end. Really beautiful.

Some old night caps. The blue one is badly shattered, but the crochet trim is still nice. I just love the baby bonnet all done in creamy white embroidery. Lots of bits and pieces of jewelry and such. The big plastic rhinestone belt buckle reminds me of the movie Grease. Something Riz would be proud to wear! And Sandy can wear the demure sweater clips....
Tomorrow is suppose to rain, so I'm glad I got some junking in today.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Playing Catch Up

After the kids were done dyeing eggs for Easter this year, I hated to waste all those great colors. So I grabbed a huge roll of cloth ribbon I bought at the flea market last year and dyed some up. I let the ribbon steep for about a half hour and hung it up on the line to dry. I think the colors came out great, just right for tags and wrapping up my little etsy packages. I know you can probably get the same results using the liquid coloring that is sold in the bakery aisle, but I also know I won't ever get around to figuring out the correct measurements to get the colors I want. Next year I'll try and grab a few extra color kits after Easter when they go on discount. And don't you just love that little bluebird plate? I found it two years ago, all by itself in a kitchen cabinet at a house sale. I would love a whole set of them. It just makes me smile.

This blackbird pin cushion has been sitting unfinished on my craft table for a year now. I just couldn't seem to give him any wings. (What a metaphor for the way things are going in my life!) But I FINALLY gave him his wings and a tail so he can fly away. Available right now in my etsy shop. Letting go, catching up, a new season with new promises.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Button, Button Who's Got the Button?

I know I am late getting this posted, but Analise over at Sugar*Sugar posted a Button Challenge on Sunday. Since I didn't even see the post until yesterday, give me points for effort. Even though I don't "officially" collect buttons, I have quite the grouping. This first picture is some of the horde separated and hidden from everyday view.
I just love these teeny tiny shell buttons!
Some of these vintage glass buttons are still on their original string with label.

Totally bonkers for all things red, I buy red buttons whenever I see them!

Some blues:

Some pinks:

Isn't this celluloid flower button great?

These remind me of hard candies:

Okay, now to put them away!