Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Wishing all moms, those that are here and those who are no longer with us, the happiest of Mother's Days. My mom loves cats, so I choose this graphic in honor of her.

Thank you to The Vintage Moth for the lovely graphic. If you haven't ever checked out her blog, you should go there right now! Abbie has loads of wonderful graphics that she generously offers for free on her blog!

I woke up to waffles and tea this morning. To say I was surprised is putting it mildly. My son had everything ready for me when I came downstairs. I actually got to eat the first waffle, while it was still hot! Now, you moms out there KNOW what a treat that is.

Still working on getting some new stuff into my shops. Running back and forth to the hospital is a creative killjoy. Hopefully, we will have some good news this week so send out some positive thoughts in our direction.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Man Plans, God Laughs

It is funny to think that six months have gone by since my last post. Not that funny to think about all that has happened. I know I'm not in the boat alone; many of you are also facing the same things: unemployment, teenagers, medical issues, driving teenagers.... So, I'm taking deep breaths and letting Someone else row for a bit. He knows the way, I need to follow.

On the brighter side, I unexpectedly won a fabulous giveaway from Crystal's blog Vintage by Crystal. It arrived today and is AMAZING! I have followed her blog and website for quite awhile now and I am just over the moon with happiness. I know people always say pictures don't do something justice, well... pictures just DON'T do this awesome little bat girl justice! (Especially mine.) She is so cute, so sweet, so Crystal! I will definitely be saving some pennies to purchase a few more of her fabulous creations! Thank you again Crystal!

Working on a few pin cushions for my etsy shop. Hope to have them listed this weekend. We have had 6 straight days of rain and I have been using the time wisely. And I will try not to wait another 6 months to post!